The Special Outreach Fund

The Special Outreach Fund of The Church of St. John the Divine was incorporated as a Texas nonprofit corporation in 1984. The original Board of Trustees was comprised of Allan M. Bond, Paul D. Bushong, Jr., Shirley Patton Bushong, Laurens A. Hall, Jerauld L. Hill and James P. Jackson. The stated purpose of the Special Outreach Fund was to support (financially or otherwise) the mission of St. John the Divine. It was the specific intention of the original Board of Trustees that the Fund would make distributions for religious, charitable and educational purposes which, due to financial and other limitations of the beneficiary, might not receive adequate assistance and that none of the Fund’s assets would be used for capital improvements, maintenance or additions to the facilities or grounds of the Church (unless such improvements and/or additions benefit the elderly community), or for salaries or general corporate needs of the Church, The Episcopal Diocese of Texas, the National Episcopal Church or the National Council of Churches. The Fund was reconstituted in 2013 and the intent of the original Board of Trustees has been maintained under the current governing documents of the Fund.  The Fund is established in perpetuity and annual distributions from the Fund are limited to no more than 5% of the average fair market value of the assets of the Fund during the prior fiscal year.

Over the years the Fund has had a history of making distributions to various Christ-centered organizations and ministries such as Amazing Place, Staff of Hope, The Forge for Families, St. Isidore’s Episcopal Church and Gospel Boxes Ministry, as well as providing scholarships to Episcopal seminarians.

Your gift to the Special Outreach Fund is invested with funds managed by the Memorial Endowment Fund, but distributions are administered and made by the Board of Directors of the Special Outreach Fund. The Board of Directors of the Fund is composed of the Rector, the Senior Warden and three (3) at-large Directors who are elected for staggered three (3) year terms by the Vestry.

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