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New to St. John the Divine? We'd love for you to connect with us and reach out and meet you - virtually!
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Traditional Worship:
Live streamed only. Our traditional service is a modified Morning Prayer with scripture, prayer, sermon, and music.
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The Table:
Live streamed only. The Table service offers modified Morning Prayer with scripture, prayer, sermon, and music by the SJD Worship Band.
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Stories of Change

Explore real life stories about people whose lives have been transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

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God's Truth - He will Establish Your Plans
We should host a Life Group. It’s strange how your thoughts can wander in the middle of the night. I certainly hadn’t turned...
God's Truth - The Body has Many Parts
“All the believers were together and had NOT everything in common. Every FRIDAY they continued to meet together IN THE PARLOR. They...
God's Truth - We Have Different Gifts
The Altar Guild of St. John the Divine maintains the consecrated vessels (chalices and patens) and linens used on the altar and sets the ...
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Perspective and Presence - Sermon by the Rev. Louise Samuelson

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