Submit a Candidate for the Sixth Rector

Update from the Search Committee
June 13, 2019

Dear St. John the Divine -

The Sixth Rector Search Committee is fully engaged in the search process. We completed required search committee training with the Transition Minister of the Diocese of Texas and reviewed the search process in general, best practices, communication management, and guidelines for working with the Diocese.

Moving forward, the Bishop’s office will submit potential candidates to the search committee for review. Parishioners are encouraged to nominate candidates via the form below, or by dropping a paper nomination form in the box that will be placed at the reception desk. Information about our opening will be available through the Episcopal Church channels, and candidates will also be able to self-nominate. All nominations must be vetted by the Diocese before being submitted to the search committee for further consideration.

To protect the candidates, confidentiality is of paramount importance in this process, and we take it very seriously. Thus, while we will strive to keep the parish informed of the committee’s work and progress, we will not share the names of candidates, where we might travel to visit candidates, or any details that might possibly reveal candidates submitted for the committee’s consideration. The Diocese has informed the committee that if confidentiality is breached, the search committee will be disbanded and the search suspended for one year. We appreciate your patience and understanding and please know that we will share what we can when we can. You can always find the latest information on the search process on this page.

Prayer is of upmost importance as we move through the search process. The Sixth Rector Search Committee will continue the practice of meeting for prayer in the Chapel every Monday at 8 am & 6 pm (following the morning and evening prayer services).  Everyone is encouraged to join us as often as possible as we pray for our church, the candidates, and the clarity to discern who is the sixth rector of St. John the Divine.

Eric Wade, Chair
Sixth Rector Search Committee