St. John the Divine, in partnership with St. Luke's United Methodist Church and Bethany Christian Church, is collaborating to support the students, faculty, and administrators of Lamar High School. We believe that through serving our long-term neighbor in their educational mission that God’s love is manifested and realized by all.

Volunteer opportunities are available to support, educate, and ultimately enhance the lives of Lamar students.

Career Kickstart Job Fair

Lamar High School is gearing up for their second in-person Career Kickstart Job Fair on Saturday, April 10th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and reaching out to businesses and volunteers that may want to be involved.

The goal is to create opportunities for Lamar’s students to engage with real-world experience related to their career and technical education program (CTE).CTE is an HISD initiative that allows students to shape their education around their desired career pathway. At Lamar, on-campus courses and certifications are offered related to business marketing and finance, agriculture, culinary arts, print and broadcast journalism, engineering, computer science, accounting, hotel management, animal science, horticulture, travel and tourism and child development.

We are looking for businesses that would be willing to participate in the Job Fair and consider hiring a Lamar student or soon-to-be graduate for an internship or full-time employee. At the fair, we'd love for our students to have the opportunity to connect with your business in the following ways:

  • Shadowing and observation
  • Mentorship
  • Internship
  • Field experiences
  • Full-time entry-level positions

If you are interested in participating in the Career Kickstart Job Fair as a volunteer or a representative of your business, please contact Larry Lawyer at We are requesting responses by February 28th so we can effectively market the available opportunities to Lamar students.

support lamar students
  • Items for homeless and at-risk Lamar students:

    • Hygiene items (toothbrush/paste, hand sanitizer, masks, bars of soap, face wash, comb/brush, mouth wash, feminine items)
    • Clothes - (all sizes especially men's L and XL)
    • Umbrellas (compact size)
    • New socks, tennis shoes, underwear (esp XL,XXL)
    • Sturdy backpacks
    • MC/Visa gift cards so we can buy uniforms - please put in a sealed envelope with "Tany James" on the envelope and place in the incoming mail bin in the SJD front lobby (email Tany James for more information)
    • Volunteers to adopt/support one of the 100 homeless young men/women that attend Lamar
  • Items can be dropped off at SJD in the bins marked "Items for Lamar", Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm in Sumners Hall or purchase items from the Amazon wish list here and from the Lamar uniform store here (to receive a donation receipt please email the PTO President
Support Lamar Teachers
  • Old T-shirts to cut up and use as rags to disinfect classrooms
    • Lamar currently uses more than 5,000 wet wipes to clean classrooms and communal areas.  Lamar’s teachers have requested old t-shirts that they can cut into strips to use for wiping down surfaces, enabling them to wash and re-use these new ‘towels’ versus using wet wipes.
  • Volunteers to adopt/support a Lamar teacher
    • Snacks, treats, encouraging notes and other ways to express support and encouragement 
Volunteer opportunities
  • Tutors for students, specifically math, science, computer science, English, and history (remote or in-person)
  • Speakers for Lunch and Learn inspirational meetings with Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Internships and speakers
  • Volunteers for Young Life suppport (typically 150-200 students)

What We've Done
  • Hand written 160 encouragement notes to teachers and staff
  • Delivered snacks for faculty and staff at in-service days before school began
  • Donated 200 pre-paid bus passes for students in need who have no other way to get to school because of economic limitations
  • Provided a safe place at SJD for students to have internet access to do their homework
  • Created a webinar to be held in the fall and spring semesters regarding How to Write a Resume and How to Interview as well as mock interview options
  • Provided emergency services to two Lamar families
  • Provided an adult, Polish-speaking native volunteer to assist with a new 9th grade young lady and her mom who do not speak English
  • Began organizing regular on-campus clergy visits
  • Had multiple meetings with Lamar leaders to find out how St. John the Divine, St. Luke’s Methodist and Bethany Christian can help

Email Larry Lawyer to sign up to love Lamar through any of these opportunities.

Email if you or another St. John the Divine parishioner you know of is an alumnus of, and/or has current students at Lamar High School.

Learn more about Lamar by watching this digital tour.

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