Wednesday evenings September 25 - December 11 in Room 210.
No class on Wednesday, November 20 or 27
Dinner available at 6:00 pm - cost varies, class meets 6:30 - 8:00 pm
No cost for this program.

Faculty: Andy Breckwoldt; Chris Hairel; Tony Mayer

Are you seeking to improve your leadership capability at your office, at your home, in the community or at church?

Do you wonder how to build on your strengths?

What is the best way to work with other people?

How did Jesus lead his disciples, his followers and the movement which bears his name?

The objective of the Leadership Foundations Course is to develop participants’ leadership capabilities with Jesus as the model. We welcome leaders from all backgrounds and spheres of society. Whether leading a small team or a large organization, this program has been designed for those who are in leadership roles and want to increase their capacity, capabilities, and effectiveness to impact the world around them.

The program will be a mix of lectures and small group engagements. In addition, there will typically be about an hour of homework assigned each week. You will have the opportunity in this course to work on the challenges you face today in your leadership role – regardless of what type of role that may be (business, church/ministry, education, or other). If you have a sense of calling to grow and become more influential in your sphere, while living out the principles of your Christian faith, this program is for you.


It is expected that participants:

  • Attend at least 6 of the sessions in person. Lectures will be available online after the sessions to make up for any missed.
  • Complete the homework assignments, as these assignments will form the basis of discussions and working sessions the next week.

Leading Self

  • Relationship to God
  • God’s Vision and Mission
  • Calling and Vocation
  • Servant Leadership

Leading Others

  • Connecting with others: Trust-based relationships & leading teams
  • Vision casting for team/organization
  • Leading change
  • Raising up others

There will also be a list of recommended additional resources (books, videos) to enable going deeper into the topics covered.

Faculty: Andy Breckwoldt, Chris Hairel, Tony Mayer

St. John the Divine Leadership Initiative

St. John the Divine has a leadership initiative with the vision to raise up generations of Christian servant leaders to transform our community, city and the world.

We believe that leadership is about influence. And Everyone has Influence, whether in your work, family, school, church, or ministry.

Our leadership initiative currently has a number of programs including the Leadership Foundations Course, the Global Leadership Summit (and additional mini-Summits), as well as a mentoring program for young professionals. We encourage you to grow your influence and impact through these programs.