Life Lessons from Luke
Returns Thursday, September 15, 9:30 am in the Hall Life Center
In the Teaching Center
Faculty: Meg Rice

Many of us are familiar with the verses in the gospel of Luke that announce the birth of Jesus, but did you know he was the only Gentile (non-Jew) writer in the Bible? His stories about Jesus are intimate and eye-opening, but did you know he never met Jesus? Luke is known for his gospel along with Matthew, Mark, and John, but did you know he also wrote the book of Acts, which is a sequel to his gospel?

Luke addresses both his writings to a man named Theophilus. No one really knows who he was but his name in Greek means friend of God or (be)loved by God or loving God. We are beloved by God too. Each week has a message to us on how to navigate the world we live in with the power, grace, and mercy revealed in the life of Jesus Christ. So join us in the study of the gospel of Luke to learn Luke’s Life’s Lessons.

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