Due to the ongoing health crisis and direction from the diocese and the City of Houston, this event is virtual only for the time being. Join us at sjd.org/live for Hope of Glory: Getting to Know Jesus on Thursday mornings beginning May 7. Please continue to check this website for updates.

The Hope of Glory begins a new study: Getting to Know Jesus on Thursday, May 7. Registration is open to new participants. Register for Hope of Glory.

Join the women of St. John the Divine as we gather virtually to study and grow in our faith. For more information, please contact Candy Knudson at 713.527.8263 or ccknudson@aol.com.

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Summer 2020 Study: Getting to Know Jesus

A prism when struck by light sends off various arrays of color. Each color is beautiful, but together they are awesome. Jesus is much like a prism. He has various personality traits of who he is. Together they encompass the fullness of his being. Join us for "Getting to Know Jesus" live on Thursday mornings at 10 am.

2019-2020 Study: Acts - The Story that Never Ends

The Bible is full of important information about how to live and be in the fullness of life whatever our circumstances. Acts, like no other book, is a "how to" guide for Christians. It is the hinge book between the end of the gospels and the beginning of the epistles. In Acts we read the birthing of the church and the growing pains of the new infant faith. This book is also the only book in the Bible that is still being written. The church is still growing and stumbling, full of victories with tinges of defeat. We can learn so much from this book. Join us for the The Journey That Never Ends and see how you can be a chapter in this book today.

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2018-19 Study: Connecting the Dots - An Overview of the Bible

Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament? Have you ever thought "Why read the Old Testament since Christianity is about Jesus and he isn't in the old scriptures?" Well, God had a plan from the time of Genesis. If you dig just a little bit, you see Jesus in each of the Old Testament books. Join us for Hope of Glory Bible Study to experience the eternal plan of the Living God. Review the 2018-19 study and see how the Bible is a love story between God and his people that hasn't changed from creation.

Connecting the Dots Study Guide

Fall 2018 lessons

Spring 2018

Catch up on the spring 2018 Hope of Glory study, 'The Seven Churches of Revelation', in the Media Archive or on the Hope of Glory podcast.

Past weeks' talks are available here.