We are happy that you are interested in celebrating your wedding at St. John the Divine. Our goal is to help you plan a service of worship that will be sacred, dignified, and joyous.

To begin your process, contact our life events coordinator, Sally Lehmberg, at 713.354.2220 or slehmberg@sjd.org. Sally will coordinate your date and time with the church calendar. Once you have approval, you may contact the Director of Music Ministries, Steve Newberry or 713.354.2242.

Please do not make any firm plans until you have met with a priest, consulted with both the Wedding Coordinator and Director of Music, and read the booklet.

Additional information about wedding music:

There are general guidelines you will be expected to observe, which provide guidance on such things as the decoration of the worship spaces and the use of music, photography, videography, etc.