There was a two-month pause in the election process during our transition in leadership. The Bishop of Texas granted a two-month delay in vestry elections to complete the necessary work in preparation for the election. At the parish annual meeting, a resolution was passed to postpone the vestry and Diocesan Council representative election until Sunday, March 24.

This year we will elect six (6) persons to the vestry to replace members whose terms have expired. Nominees for the vestry of St. John the Divine (in random order) selected by the nominating committee from all suggestions submitted by the parish:

Jennifer Weston
Virginia Evans
Larry Lawyer
George McDaniel III
Sharon Snowden
Dena Swasey
Ryan Miller
Cheri Fossler
Todd Saha
Ann Rogers
Andy Boyd
Elizabeth Galtney

The Diocesan Council representative whose term is set to expire this year agreed to be held over until March 24. This year we will elect one (1) Diocesan Council representative to fulfill a three-year ten-month term to expire in 2022. Nominees for Diocesan Council Representative (in random order):

Doug Selman
John Rosson

A printed booklet containing information about the nominees for the vestry and Diocesan Council and voting procedures will be mailed or emailed to all parishioners prior to the election. A copy of the booklet is available here.

Persons sixteen years of age or older, who are active, baptized, enrolled, confirmed communicants in good standing of this Parish, are requested to cast ballots on Sunday, March 24, 2019 when six (6) persons shall be elected to two-year, ten-month terms to the vestry to replace members whose terms have expired and one (1) lay delegate shall be elected to a three-year ten-month term to the Council of the Diocese of Texas.