How did we get here?

After our 75th Anniversary, we entered a season of listening to discern God's continued call for St. John the Divine.

We asked our community of Imagine what God's best might be. God spoke through over 450 inputs from our parish.

From these inputs we began to realize God's future:

  • Equipping people for lives of unceasing prayer and vibrant worship
  • Teaching the scripture to all
  • Responding to and providing for the needs of families of all types
  • Challenging everyone to find their purpose and to live their faith in the world
  • Developing leadership in our midst

St. John the Divine has been doing these things from the beginning. God is not calling us to the new, but has called us to GROW DEEPER AND REACH FARTHER.

Strategy teams of vestry and lay volunteers spent the next year creating a high level framework of these key strategies: blueprints for the next 5-10 years.

In 2018, your church leadership laid foundations to prepare us to step into 2019.

In 2019, we will continue to build the ministries of St. John the Divine, focusing on being a people who worship, connect, grow, and go. Our vision for 2019 is to more systematically strengthen our exisiting ministries to grow the church.

As God provides additional resources, we will grow deeper and reach farther in four key areas: