As we look to this season of growing deeper and reaching farther in our faith and our generosity, we asked SJD young professionals Ross Adams and Jenny Childers how being members of this parish has influenced their faith and personal growth, and what generosity looks like in their lives.

Ross Adams

I’ve been coming to St. John the Divine for about 15 years now. I started in the youth group where I was poured into by tremendous leaders, clergy, and staff. I got to go on some amazing mission trips and see how tremendously blessed we are to be here at St. John the Divine and living in this place. I also got to see how the gifts that are given to SJD, and really to God and his kingdom, can be transformative to people all over the world.

The generosity of so many parishioners here at St. John the Divine in supporting young professionals has been such an interesting thing to see. The transformation that’s occurring in so many young people who will be the future of the church is the same as the transformation I got to see as a youth here. The people here and their willingness to lean into that call to generosity and the example that’s been set is what will call those young professionals, and the youth that will someday be young professionals, to give in just the same way.

When I think about my own giving, I think about the experience I’ve had here, and about how I want that experience for others. I think about all the things we’re doing here to lean into leadership, and teaching, and our families, and our outreach in places where the resources don’t come as abundantly as they do here, and I see that’s our calling. I see that our calling is to support those efforts in any way that we can. It may be time, it may be talent, it may be resources, but I’m called – we’re all called – so that his will may be done and people will be transformed.

Jenny Childers

I was baptized here as a baby and I grew up at St. John’s. After college graduation, I joined a young women’s Bible study led by Meg Rice. It was a group of women that was encouraging me. Hearing their stories about their faith and what they’d been through made me feel I wasn’t alone, that there were other people who were struggling with things I was struggling with.

Years later, being part of the young professionals and being one of the older women in this group of young women has given me the opportunity to step up and be there for people, like people were there for me growing up.

Last year, Harvey made me stop and think and pray about how people had been there for me during a rough patch in my life. On Harvest Sunday morning, going up and putting my pledge card in the basket was a very powerful moment for me. It was an opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to God, and an opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to St. John’s.

  • During this season of generosity, we are asking everyone to prayerfully ask God where they are called to give of their time, talent, and treasure.
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