My faith walk is not new – I grew up with faith, but I was not practicing it until about two years ago. Kari and Matt Marino were big part of that – not just walking in faith but listening to God and walking by serving. I was really sad when Kari left because she was my mentor and when she left, I felt like I lost touch with the church. I knew my friend Emily Hodges had really connected to Kari, so I looked to her to see what direction she was moving. She told me she was doing a Life Group on Monday mornings and that it was really wonderful. I thought, ‘OK – what do I have to lose?’ I showed up one morning and met Kim (Jameson). She is one of the most lovely spirits – so accepting, with so much wisdom and full of such gracious words.

My group reads different pieces from daily devotionals every morning. We all read from our books and share new perspectives on Scripture and what that looks like. It’s a place of peace and solitude I can go to and find comfort from people in different walks of life who are in different places. It’s a safe place to come to be filled up, to not be judged, and to pray. We all need that. People are dealing with the same things and we’re all just trying to make it work. There is balance.

Being in this group is giving me a place to better understand the Lord and give me peace in my walk, understanding how these older, wiser women have walked with him and have been through transitions of life. I also have Emily next to me, who is walking the same way that I am. We are in our '30s trying to figure things out. Life can be a little bit hectic. When I can hear two different perspectives, it allows me to see the Lord and walk calmly toward him.

Who I’m learning from, who I grow with, are the older women. They are able to give me some comfort that it’s going to be OK. I’m not as afraid. Now, when I go to church, I’m no longer just saying ‘Hi’ to the young professionals. I am also saying ‘Hi’ to the older women. That, for me, is huge. Then you get connected to even more people, and it feels like home to you. We pray with and for each other all the time and check up on each other. It’s been a huge blessing for me and I’m really grateful for Emily, Kim, Cathy, and Jason.

~ Kathryn Loder

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