On December 28, 2016, Gary and I were told that he had colorectal cancer. We were stunned! Gary was admitted to Methodist Hospital and the long road to healing began. I called my St. John's prayer group and we started the journey, immediately, on our knees.

As the test results came back, it was clear that Gary had stage four cancer and his situation was grim. With this news the prayer warriors gathered and met daily, except Sunday, in the chapel at Methodist Hospital. On the few days that Gary felt like it, we gathered around his bed and prayed with a laying on of ands. Gary and I both knew that the only way through this darkness was on our knees, with the love of God to show us the fight. It was a sad but amazingly powerful time. The situation in the hospital room was bleak, but the love of God was filling our hearts to capacity. The doctors provided no hope, but we stayed on our knees.

After Gary's fourth chemo, they did a second PET scan. What they saw was miraculous. The first and second PET scans did not look like the same person. The second was clean, with exception of a tiny spot at the site of the primary tumor.

We all kept on meeting for prayer. Gary and I have given the glory of all to God. We have taken this darkness and handed it to him. When the doctors tell Gary that these results are unbelievable, Gary simply says, "No they are not. You have no idea how many people are praying for me." I truly believe if you want to make God smile, go to your knees. He is the God of miracles.