Because we live in Houston with some of the world’s best medical care, clergy sometimes get requests from colleagues around the country to care for their visiting parishioners. One Saturday I received such a call to care for a woman having surgery at MD Anderson. I took down her name and where she would be and planned to visit her on Monday.

On Sunday, I went up to talk with my mom before the service. Immediately she said to me, "I want you to meet my new friends!" and introduced me to the couple sitting behind her. As they shared their names and where they were from, my mind started to click into data retrieval mode. The woman looked at me and said, "You’ve heard of us haven’t you?" I realized that this was the couple I had been asked to visit. She told me how much she had loved talking with my mom. I could tell they were touched that God had led them to the mother of the person who was going to visit them in the hospital.

When I went the next day to sit with her husband during her surgery, he told me how powerful meeting us the day before had been. He said that when she had her previous surgery she was so afraid that her blood pressure went dangerously high. This time she expressed she could clearly see that God was caring intimately for her. When she went into surgery her blood pressure was normal and she felt at peace.

~ The Rev. Louise Samuelson

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