God put our life group together. People just signed up. Buddy and I knew most everyone, but most of the members didn’t know each other. We studied The Crucified Life and The Resurrected Life together and were trying to decide whether to keep meeting when the GO ministry dinner occurred. We sat together and talked about how the message resonated with us. This was something we really wanted to do together.

One of our members suggested using the resources of Agape because they were skilled in helping and knew who in their community needed help. Kirk connected us with a multi-generational family whose home had been badly damaged by Harvey. A tree fell on her house and everything inside was destroyed. We got together as a group to figure out what we could do – and we started to bond on a new level.

We blew through our $1000 grant very quickly restoring the house and providing a window air conditioner. We did three work projects for her as a group. We painted inside her house, we cleaned, and last weekend we painted the exterior of her house. One of her neighbors had a block party, so we just became part of the party! It was miserably hot, but we had the most wonderful time together helping her. It was very, very special.

One of the things we learned from GO ministry is that you have to ask the family what they need. You can’t assume that you know. We asked her to prioritize what she needed. She told us she needed transportation. She hadn’t worked since Harvey because she had no way to get to work. The mechanic said her car wasn’t worth the cost of repairing it. We were able to collect enough funds through donations and help from other life groups to provide her with a car this weekend – the anniversary of Harvey.

It think moving forward our group will still have dinner once a month and study, but we will be looking for more service projects and outreach projects that we can do together. When our small group first began we were mostly strangers. It has only been in helping our GO ministry family that we have really gotten to know one another at a deeper level. It was very meaningful to do something for somebody else – and to do it together. It’s so rewarding to be able to make a difference in somebody else’s life.

Cindy Bailey