In a small group meeting recently, I was able to offer a testimony of gratitude. At the end of March I was hit by a car while running. As I jumped up before the impact, survival was the only thing in my mind. However, upon landing in the street in shock, bruised, but all limbs intact; I felt a wave of gratitude wash over me.

Yes, abundant gratitude. God was with me when that car impacted me. I jumped with the instinct to survive, but as I fell I recalled a rush of wind, much like the Holy Spirit, lifting me up and not under that car. My mind was flooded with the realization that God spared me and is not through with his plans for me. As minutes passed, I sat trembling in the street waiting for police to arrive. A fellow parishioner stopped her car and asked, “Aren’t you from St. John the Divine?” “Yes“, I replied, “I am sitting in the street because I was hit by a car.”

“Well, I will park my car and sit with you,” she said. While the two of us sat there my thoughts turned yet again to gratitude for our God. Here I was, a shaken, disheveled mess, and the Lord sent me a Good Samaritan. This sweet parishioner had finished her workout class and was driving by when she saw me sitting in the street. As we sat together waiting in 36-degree weather, my teeth began to chatter. She shared her water with me and said, “You are in shock.” I replied, “Yes, I think I am.” Shocked at my wonderful fortune of God’s love and presence in her and his boundless mercy and gifts that I was alive.

Gratitude is my testimony for God never leaving me even in my darkest hour when I shamelessly only thought of survival. “Be still, and know that I am God,” came into my battered mind. My recovery is ongoing and daily I am blessed by patient co-workers and leaders who know my need to hear the same thing repeatedly. How blessed and grateful I am that I landed exactly where God has placed me! To the Good Samaritan, thank you! I wish I knew your name, but head injuries can be tricky. Please know you are prayed for by my friends and family. God bless you! The Holy Spirit filled me in that meeting. Every day, I’m thankful for my health, home, and blessing of working to spread the best message there is. I am filled with gratitude.

- Amy Dewbre

We are a resurrection people! In the weeks following Easter, we are sharing stories that illustrate how we live our thanks to God. We are challenging everyone to think of one thing you are grateful for this week, and one thing you will do this week for others to be a part of God's Living Thanks.