Our church is especially blessed to have the music leadership and talent it has in the music and arts ministry. Several years ago, I was asked to serve on a committee to create and brand a music and arts program, something that would be much bigger that traditional organ and choir. Entersect was the result.

I would hazard a guess that the majority of church members aren’t sure what Entersect is about. I see a church on the verge of expanded worship through multiple strains of art, drama, music, dance and an explosion of the creative process expressed by its members.

I’ve been involved in Christian music ministry worship for some time. I sang in the choir at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas for several years and led worship at Houston’s Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church for 13 years. But participating in St. John’s Chorale was especially moving. I can’t do that anymore, but I can support the ministry.

I’ve found praising God through choral works to be extremely moving. It expands worship beyond the spoken word, prayed and taught, and opens the soul to a closer walk with God. Under Entersect, we can now look at painting, pottery, dramatic reading, dance and other forms of art that express God’s creative gift to us and how we reflect it back through worship.

St. John’s is blessed to have such creative resources as its members and the leadership in the music and arts ministry to draw them out and show God’s glory.

Mitch Jeffrey
Mitch gives generously of his time and talent as a volunteer for the music ministry, Entersect, and other ministries at St. John the Divine. We are grateful to Mitch for donating the money to refurbish our three-octave set of handbells.