Savannah BowdenI have spent my entire life at the Church of St. John the Divine. I was baptized, experienced my first communion, and a couple of years ago was confirmed at St. John’s. My dad raised me to give back to the church in any way I can, from being in choir to being on the student leadership team. I've been told that giving back to the church is my duty as a parishioner. 

When I was younger I didn't understand the importance of giving back. As I've gotten older, this ideal has grown through me, and recently I've taken it and run with it. Now, I've been the one asking, “Where can I help?”

I remember one day looking over at my mom after church and saying, “The greatest gift you have ever given me, was raising me in faith.” The people at St. John’s, especially the youth staff, have helped raise me to be the individual I am. I honestly could not ask for a greater group of people to be there for me through the hills and valleys of my life. The youth staff have “pushed me” (more of like a light tug) to be the best person I could possibly be through faith. My way of thanking them is trying my best to help out wherever needed.

We are a resurrection people! In the weeks following Easter, we are sharing stories that illustrate how we live our thanks to God. We are challenging everyone to think of one thing you are grateful for this week, and one thing you will do this week for others to be a part of God's Living Thanks.

One of the ways you can live your thanks is by sharing your time with family ministries. Your influence on the next generation is important. Volunteer opportunities can be found here.