The Altar Guild of St. John the Divine maintains the consecrated vessels (chalices and patens) and linens used on the altar and sets the altar for services in the Church, Chapel and Hall Life Center. Three current and past directors of the Altar Guild shared how using their spiritual gifts in service to the Lord through their works with the Altar Guild has blessed their lives.

“For years I’ve heard about spiritual gifts. Many easily identify theirs, but I always struggled to discern mine — until I was approached about joining the Altar Guild at St. John’s. Service to others has always been a part of my life and ‘service’ is a spiritual gift. Christians with this gift are the hands of the body of Christ. As a member of the Altar Guild I serve the Lord by setting his table for all those who come to worship. It is a joy and a privilege to serve our church and I feel blessed to be a part of this group.”
~ Margaret Petersen, Altar Guild director – 2019

“The Holy Spirit led me to the Altar Guild, and I couldn’t be more grateful to the Lord for creating me to serve him in this way. When we utilize our gifts, not only do we further his kingdom, but he generously expands our hearts and lives. It gives me such joy and peace to set his table, to clean and care for the consecrated vessels and linens. The love I have for my Altar Guild and Linen Guild sisters is an added blessing. We are blessed to serve alongside one another with dedication and reverence. Together we set his table, and all to his glory!”
~ Nancy Butler, Altar Guild director – 2018

“There are so many ways to serve in our church and to find our spiritual gifts. The Altar Guild is just one opportunity among many at SJD. The Altar Guild is the warm and welcoming hands and feet of Christ – individuals supporting one another in their search to find and express their spiritual gift with faith, action, and love combined.”
Maretta Toedt, Altar Guild director – 2020

Altar Guild members work in teams. Each Altar Guild team works approximately once every five weeks. If you believe your spiritual gifts make you a good fit for this ministry, please contact Sally Lehmberg,