We should host a Life Group.

It’s strange how your thoughts can wander in the middle of the night. I certainly hadn’t turned in a couple of hours earlier figuring I’d wake up with this idea in my head. In fact, it seemed like such a bad idea at the time (January, 2018) that I really tried hard to forget about it. Here are all the reasons why this seemed like a really bad idea:

  • We had no clue what a “Life Group” is;
  • We had no place to host, being displaced from our residence during a remodel;
  • I’m rarely home from work before 8 pm, too late to start Life Group;
  • We didn’t know many people at Church and nobody seemed likely to join us;
  • Oh, and we were scheduled to add a new baby to the family about week 4 of the Life Group session;

Fortunately, we’ve never been ones to abandon a perfectly bad idea without good reason. I think we finished our deliberation of this particular bad idea with the ever-so-motivational rhetorical question “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I say that this question is rhetorical because we never found out the answer. Only good things happened!

That first Life Group session we were very lucky to have Missy and Jim Reed join us. The Holy Spirit was clearly active because we didn’t know the Reeds before they chose our grroup but they turned out to be a great fit. They didn’t mind meeting in a rental house nearly devoid of furniture, didn’t mind getting dog hair all over themselves, appreciated our teens (and their angst) and they weren’t picky about take-out food!

The discussion, sharing, and fellowship that developed during that very first Life Group season set us on a path to deepen our faith together in ways that we never could have foreseen. As it turns out we had more friends at the church than we realized. We’ve continued to add to our group in subsequent sessions. Some are old friends and some are new, but we’ve gotten to know the most amazing people.

I didn’t know this in January 2018, but in Proverbs it is written “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” (Proverbs 16:3). And so it has been. We trusted that the Holy Spirit would reveal his plans for us and our group and so far that plan has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

~ Stefan and Adrienne Murry