I have discovered a new family; a new home, at St John the Divine. Touched by such warmth, welcome and caring from this congregation and leadership, it feels as though I am enveloped by angel wings. Many opportunities to grow in my faith and forge new friendships have come out of this church.

Leadership sets the tone for its church. This is a great responsibility. SJD has discovered an amazing recipe. The interpretation has been “We are you, just with the collar”.  Clergy are real here. They share their time, their journeys, their families with us. They share laughter, tears and teasing with us, all the while portraying Christ to us.

To any who would visit, I pray that they receive the welcome I have received.  But I also pray that they have the courage to get involved in the growth journey that SJD provides. Charlie’s “Resurrected, Crucified and Spirit-Filled Life” studies have rocked my world. Although painful at times, my Life Group has loved me through it. We are a divinely appointed mix who has become a family.

For me, a church must be the hands and feet of Christ. It’s not just about being fed with His Word and Communion, but reaching out to the community to ease their burdens; shining light in the darkest corners and loving them without judgment. I believe that evangelism is simply glowing so brightly and sharing our blessings that it has non-believers wanting that joy.  SJD glows … and I want to be a part of that.

GOD lives in this church; within its membership and its leadership.  I am proud to be a part of it and hope to shine light into the world alongside my new brothers and sisters in Christ.

-- Trish Ross