Christine and Eleanor O'ConnorOur introduction to St. John the Divine began in September of 2017. My mother and I were watching some priests we know in both Florida and Texas hold services in their homes to pray their way through hurricane Harvey on Facebook. I then discovered St. John the Divine live-streaming their full services.

I was thrilled, you see, because Mom and I are home bound and at that point had not been to church in 9 months. As cradle Episcopalians, hearing the liturgy on a regular basis is important to us. Our home parish didn’t offer this option. Same as most churches can’t reach out in this way.

We set up our iPads and laptops. Using our phone to download the service leaflet, we prayed and sang right along with all of you. This happens every Sunday morning and at the beauty of Christmas, the penance of Lent, and the Alleluias of Easter. Christmas Eve was so beautiful. We lit our own candles during Silent Night!

We are so thankful to be a part of St. John the Divine in even this small way. We read your emails, pray the daily devotions, and even participated in "The Crucified Life" by Fr. Charlie.

You are all very blessed to be part of one of the finest parishes I have ever come across. Thank you for making this ministry possible!

Yours in Christ,
Christine and Eleanor O'Connor
West Chester, PA