You can give to St. John the Divine by a recurring charge to your credit or debit card or recurring ACH draft from your checking or savings account with your mySJD account.

  • Log on to mySJD
    Log into mySJD  CREATE A mySJD LOGIN
  • Under the 'Giving' tab, select 'My Scheduled Giving'
  • Click 'Add New Gift'
  • Fill in the amount, select a fund, and add a memo if appropriate
  • Select the frequency of the gift with a start date and, if desired, an ending date
  • Select a payment method, or click the 'Add a New Payment Method' link if you have not set up your preferred method. You can choose a credit/debit card, checking account, or savings account.
  • Click the 'Schedule Gift' button. You will receive an email confirmation.
  • if you need assistance, please contact Louise Symmes, our director of generosity at or 713-354-2218.

Your gift will be automatically transferred to St. John the Divine on the schedule you have chosen!