Safeguarding -- A Ministry of Wellness and Care

EDOT’s Wellness and Care Ministry exists to establish and nurture a culture of health, safety, and mutual care within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Through specific ministries of Clergy Wellness, Clergy Family Support, Clergy Pastoral Care, Recovery Ministries, Safeguarding and Congregational Wellness Care, we empower one another to develop healthy, safe environments in which to learn, grow, and thrive.

St. John the Divine continues to encourage this wellness initiative by its commitment to supporting safe and healthy environments, for which we all share responsibility. Therefore, SJD clergy and staff, and many parishioners, church officers, and leaders are required to be certified in Safeguarding God’s CHILDREN and/or Safeguarding God’s PEOPLE.

For more information on the Wellness and Safeguarding program of The Episcopal Diocese of Texas, please contact or you can visit