Jul 7, 2022

I prayed for this

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Savannah and Isaiah would soon get baptized. Salvation for my mother, Frances. Gus and Donna would stop smoking and accept Jesus into their lives. Brenda would read her Bible. More faith for the following: Heather, Steve, Martin, Ann, Freddie, Bryan, Alex, Keith, Larry, Jack, George, Luis, Louis, Stu, Bill, Judy, Kate, Kurt, Dan, David, Lenny, Cheryl, Roger, Teresa, Mike, Danielle, Steve, Allen, and Anthony. Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith, peace, hope, joy, love, wisdom, and protection. Mark would move forward with his life. Marissa just lost her husband--God would bring comfort to her and her 3 children amidst this time of grief. Thank you.