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Partnering with parents is always important to us. We want to support you as much as possible during this time of uncertainty, so we have created a page to equip you to have Sunday School at home! It will be updated weekly to include video presentations of the Bible Story and Worship, Parent Guides for the story being taught, Elementary God Time Cards, and Preschool Place Mats. We will add other helpful resources at the days unfold.

These resources are not the ONE way to continue spiritual conversations at home. We encourage you to do what is right for your family. We will be checking in families regularly using both digital and traditional methods of communication. Please connect with us if you need anything from us for you or your family. 

SJD’s programs for kids provide a fun, age-targeted environment where infants through 5th grade learn about God and grow in their faith. We invite you to contact us or simply come on a Sunday for a tour and to visit any of our programs!

We appreciate pre-registration for Sunday school. By filling out the registration form, we are able to add students to the roster and make your check-in experience a breeze on your first visit. In addition, we will let volunteers and staff know to expect your family allowing us to more warmly welcome your child and greet them by name.

We look forward to meeting you in The Park! (*Pre-registration is not required prior to visiting our Sunday morning programs.) Please contact Deanna Lawson for more information on Sunday school, activities, and opportunities for children at or 713.354.2244.

When you say yes to being in Children's Ministry, you say yes to a lot of things ... laughter, adventure, messes, questions, truth, and the future. You say yes to having influence in the next generation! Children's Ministry has many opportunities for you to say yes and live into SJD's purposes. Check out the opportunities below, and say YES!

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