Still finding your place in the world? Need support and motivation...the fellowship of someone who has been there? Mentors help you decide how quickly to grow, listen, and share personal stories. Get a leg up by learning from old pros. Mentors are soul friends, confidantes, people who have walked paths you wish to walk, but haven’t walked yet. Want one?

What is a mentor?

They are not therapists, investors in your business venture, parents, teachers, or tax advisors. They are godly, scripturally-centered people of wisdom who have demonstrated character and capacity in their professions and desire to help you to listen to your life, follow Jesus Christ more diligently, pursue the dreams and vision God is birthing in you, and access the tools and skills you will need to get there. They are a listening and loving ear, outside eyes to help you see options in circumstances you may not see, and occasionally, a helpful nudge. Our mentors are persons with knowledge, skills, talents, experience, and a living faith – in other words, they have expertise and character and are willing to share those with you.

What is a mentee?

A mentee is someone looking for another to walk beside and share their wisdom from the road. A mentee does not have to be a member of St. John the Divine, but their mentors will be. A mentee also does not need to be a Christian, but their mentors will be, and their faith has been central to their success.

How does finding a mentor work?
  1. You fill out the interest form
  2. We line you up for coffee with a potential mentor
  3. You meet two times and see if the mentor/mentee relationship fits for both of you. (If not simply go back to step two; if so proceed to step 4)
  4. The mentor and mentee will map out a plan. This plan typically includes your meeting times, as well as goals and steps to reach those goals you are working on together.
  5. You meet with the mentor from between 1 and 3 times per month depending on your needs and schedule
  6. Mentors may suggest outside expertise to help you in your journey
  7. Evaluate each six months the continuing nature of your relationship thereafter


Get Started

A mentor is a traveling companion who has already walked your road. Would you like one? Fill out the form below. For more information, contact Andy Breckwoldt,

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