Meg Rice is a long-time parishioner of St. John the Divine. During her time here she wrote and produced a Christian abstinence program called Sex, God, and Me, which she taught and trained to parents and teens across denominational lines. She has been a student of the Bible for 30 years and has taught to various groups for over 20 years, including St. John's adult education Sunday school. Her Hope of Glory Bible study brings together women from across generations, from St. John the Divine and beyond.

Meg describes her journey of digging into the word of God as one of excitement and revelation. She describes her study of the Bible as taking her from being a "pew-sitting, do-gooder Christian" to a lover of Jesus Christ. Meg loves to teach the word of God and to explore our heavenly Father and his Son Jesus.

Header image by the Rev. Greg Buffone, used with permission