A Light for the City
Writings on the Mission of the Church
A bi-weekly blog by the Rev. Dr. R. Leigh Spruill, Rector

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid.” These words from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:14) are among our Lord’s most well-known figurative images describing the calling of the church. While the metaphor of light is used in various ways throughout Scripture, here Jesus is speaking simply of the testimony of his followers living in a world shaded by darkness.

As believers, what is it to bear the light into our everyday world? How might Christians living in our particular and challenging cultural moment think about this potent image? Why might God be calling St. John the Divine to discern imaginative new opportunities to be a bright light for the City of Houston, taking into the future the very best that makes our parish special?

These are the questions inspiring a bi-weekly writing series in which I will share reflections, ideas, and content on the shape of our vision as a parish family. In sharing life with you, I look forward to exploring more deeply how God is shaping our mission for the future.