Life groups are a place to connect, study, and grow together. Life groups meet at St. John the Divine on Wednesday nights, and at other times during the week both on and off-site. Dinner will be available on Wednesday evenings in Sumners Hall from beginning at 5:30 pm before the study. Beginning the week of October 2, our groups will be studying 'The Disciple's Way', by the Rev. Charlie Holt.

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New Study in Fall 2019: The Disciple's Way

Do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus? Are you ready to explore what that means? This engaging six-week study will challenge you with Jesus’ own words about what it truly means to follow him.

As you travel alongside Jesus and his disciples from Galilee to Jerusalem and the Cross, you’ll encounter the characters they meet along the way—a woman unable to stand, a begging blind man, a group of ten lepers, a rich young ruler, a very zealous tax collector, and more. Experience the healing touch of Jesus for those with open hearts. Listen to his debates with the Pharisees. Hear his challenge to break free of legalism. Witness his heart for the dispossessed. And feel his passion to seek and save the lost.

Journeying with the Jesus through the travel narrative of Luke’s Gospel (Luke 9-19), you’ll discover the authentic traits of a disciple, both then and now:

Blessed Eyes - Do you see the world as Jesus sees it?
True Heart - Are you open to God’s work of transformation?
Realistic Faith - Is your faith anchored in the seen or the unseen?
Eternal Fellowship - Are your friendships eternal or worldly?
Generous Service - Will you steward your life with grateful generosity?
Selfless Humility - Where do you find your value?

The Disciple’s Way study gives you Daily Devotions to help you prepare for each week’s small group teaching video where you’ll explore Luke’s powerful telling of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. The Disciple's Way books will be for sale in Sumners Hall on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings for $20/each, and in The Bookstore for the same price.


Accept Jesus’ call to be his disciple today. It’s not a trifling invitation. It’s sovereign summons to a journey of life –a life surrendered to the will of God through faith and obedience to the Son, Jesus.

It’s the adventure that lasts a lifetime.


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Would you be willing to open your home for with your loving hospitality and invite Jesus and few friends over to your home to learn more about what it means to walk The Disciples Way? If you will provide the home and the hospitality, Jesus will provide the Holy Spirit and his Good News to your friends and family.

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