The Vestry

The vestry has 18 members, in three classes elected for three-year terms on a rotating basis.  The basic responsibilities of the vestry are to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation, to support the church's mission by word and deed, to select the rector, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances. Elections are held annually at the parish meeting in January.

2021 Parish Annual Meeting and Vestry Nominations

Jim Loftis
Jim Loftis - Sr. Warden


Andy Breckwoldt
Andy Breckwoldt

Drew Burgoyne

Craig Childers
Jr. Warden

Chap Hutcheson

Carolyn Kirklin

Patty Shepherd


Andy Boyd
Andy Boyd

Cheri Fossler
Cheri Fossler

Elizabeth Galtney
Elizabeth Galtney

Larry Lawyer
Larry Lawyer

George McDaniel III
George McDaniel III

Ann Rogers
Ann Rogers


Ted Gobillot

Stephen Loftin

John Rosson

Sharon Snowden

Elizabeth Toedt

Leslie Wade


Larry Lawyer, Barbara Strobel, Acting Treasurers
Scott Weber, Chair of the Endowment Fund

Past Wardens

Senior Warden

Junior Warden


James Loftis

Barbara Strobel


August Al Uqdah 

James Loftis


Eric Wade

Tracy Walne


Lori Gobillot

Tracy Walne

2015 & 2014 

Tom Knudson

Kenny Mayer

The Associate Vestry

The Associate Vestry is a key part of our servant leadership development strategy. Since the 1950s, St. John the Divine has had an AV team that provides leadership in key ministry areas of the church. They usher on Sundays and help coordinate annual church events. At the same time, they have a chance to learn more about the inner workings of the congregation’s life and ministry. AV members are appointed by the rector for two-year terms.


Nick Zdeblick - Sr. Warden
Kathleen Brooks - Jr. Warden
Blake Butler - Rally Day Chair 
Emily Adams
Alistair Barnes
Carrie Caton
Alan Christensen
Fulton Davenport
John Davis
Laura Gilchrist
Chrissy Lewis
Jay McMurrey
Matt Phillips
Anne Ramsey
Sosheel Saleem
Walter Weathers


John Beetle
Anne Bike
Margaret (Maggie) Campbell
Tobin Carlson
Adrian Collins
Justin Dossett
Carey Ford
Patrick Garvey
Susan Hess
Brian Houston
Nicholas Ibewuike
Steve Jukes
Natalie Kirklin
Michael Lecclier
Jessica Meyer
Nancy Prescott
Dawn Sabo
Todd Saha
Howard Schneider
Alicia Summers
Alexandra Tennant
Jimmy Vaeth
Margaret Yerkovich