For most people, their idea of a good time is not being forced to go someplace they do not want to go, to be around people that they do not know and to talk about things they immediately interested in. Neither do we.  As a result:

  • We value the need for mentors in the lives of adolescents: Adolescence is a stage in life when sons and daughters seek to gain independence from their parents. This is a natural stage of life but even as teenagers gain (some) independence from mom and dad, they still need adults in their lives providing guidance, encouragement and friendship. At SJD we have a team of called, gifted, (background checked) and trained leaders who actually like hanging out with teenagers and walking through life with them.
  •  We value parents too: As much time as we get to spend with many of our students no one has the influence or priority in a student’s life the way a parent does. We long to partner with parents in a shared goal of preparing their students for life long faith. We are not here to usurp relationships with parents, rather we want to strengthen them.
  •  We value the spiritual health and maturity of your student: We have students in our ministry that are Varsity athletes.. Our students attend some of the most academically rigorous schools in all of Houston and continue on at some of the most selective colleges in the country. Several of our students are involved in impressive theater and arts groups through their schools and communities.  We get to witness the success and hardship of our students endeavors every week. As much as we care about our students’ prom dates, win-loss records and likes on Instagram, what we care about more than anything is their relationship with God.
  • We are also growing some of the friendliest students in all of Houston (which is saying something).
  • If you would like to visit, we would love to connect with you! We can be reached at:

    Dan Gannon, Youth Minister
    Phone: 713.354.2265