We are fully committed to ensuring the safety of both our parishioners and the teams that we host. Your church leadership, ministry stakeholders, and Harvey Relief Task Force have come together to review the plan and chart a way forward in this effort. Questions? View our mission team FAQ below or contact Vanessa Puleo, vanessa@led2serve.org or 844-LED2SRV (ext) 700.

When do mission teams start to arrive?

We will be prepared to begin hosting mission teams by Saturday, October 28.

Where will the teams be housed?

Teams will be housed on the lower level. They will gather and sleep in the West Scout Room, and eat breakfast and dinner in Sumners Hall. Additionally, the West Scout Room that the team will sleep in has direct access to bathrooms, showers, and a stairwell that allows access to the dining area on the first floor, and an exit to the Westheimer lot.

Is this a safe situation?

St. John the Divine is an open campus that hosts lots of outside groups as a regular part of our operation. The safety of all who come on St. John’s campus is a high priority that your leadership takes seriously. To that end, we are utilizing our lower level space in a way that ensures both the privacy and safety of our visiting mission teams as well as the groups that already use that area of our campus.

How many people will be coming?

Each team will have a maximum of 24 members.

How long will they stay?

Teams can stay with us up to 7 days.

Who are the teams affiliated with?

Teams that stay on our campus will be exclusively from other churches or Christian ministries.

Will someone from St. John the Divine interact with the teams?

Teams will be shepherded by a parish host who will be present with the team while onsite during the day and early in the evening, and available to answer questions during their stay.

Where will they work?

Teams will develop their own itineraries with community partners in the Houston Metro area.

What about security?

Paid security staff will be on duty around the clock to ensure safety and security of the team and the facility. Team access to areas of the church campus not listed above will also be restricted. We also have security cameras located throughout the lower level.

Will there be opportunities for the mission teams to connect with St. John the Divine?

Morning and Evening Prayer, Eucharist and other opportunities for worship and support of the visiting team, e.g., pastoral care options will be part of the routine schedule during the visit. Teams will of course be invited to worship with the parish on Sundays.

How will the visits be coordinated?

All questions and concerns prior to and during the visit will be addressed to the Mission Team Host Coordinator.