Members of St. John the Divine who provide communion to those parishioners who are unable to attend services at SJD are called Lay Eucharistic Visitors, or LEVs. Communion can be delivered either on a scheduled, regular basis or on an exceptional basis. Those to whom communion is delivered generally belong to one of three groups:

  1. Home-bound members who reside in a house or apartment
  2. Members who live in a senior retirement home
  3. Members who are temporarily in hospitals or rehab facilities

Visits to members at home or in retirement homes can ordinarily be scheduled in advance, at the convenience of the LEV and the member. Once an LEV is paired with a member at home, scheduling is best arranged between them and is generally flexible. Visits to members in hospitals or rehab facilities are less predictable and often spontaneous.

Consecrated elements are not available to LEVs between noon Thursday and 9:00 AM Sunday morning except during exceptional circumstances.

If you or a loved one would like to receive communion from an LEV, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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