The Bookstore created the Halo Project to highlight and champion vendors and products with business ethics that are in line with ours. When you buy a Halo item or give a Halo gift you are buying more than a “thing”, you are giving hope, funding missions, reinforcing Christian values. Each purchase is an opportunity to build a better world.

In a world where more and more companies value the bottom line and stock price over the welfare of those who make their products, it has become necessary to ask “Who made my product?”, “Where did this come from?”, “How was it made?”, and “Does the artisan make a living wage or are they essentially indentured servants?” We are trying to do our part to answer those questions through the HALO project.  

We focus on these five areas:
  • Values – Ministry Partners and businesses with overt Christian values.
  • Mission – Businesses that directly support mission work.
  • Fair Trade – Overseas businesses paying a living wage in a safe environment, and creating new opportunity and hope for underserved populations.
  • Local – Artisans and businesses in our home state.
  • SJD – Artisans and businesses within the SJD family. 

Look for identifying icons on products from vendors that meet HALO criteria, ask for a brochure, pick up company literature that explains how they are making a difference in the world, and support those companies.