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Music in the church glorifies God and is integral to our worship and liturgy – worship being the core of our congregational life. It encourages the congregation’s song in corporate prayer and praise. Music takes us beyond the words, enabling all present to encounter the mystery of God in Christ Jesus.

As we strive to foster and strengthen a lifelong appreciation for music in both children and adults, we offer abundant opportunities for singers and worshipers to become involved. Throughout the years, choristers have found friendship, joy, and a welcoming community through their involvement in the choirs of St. John the Divine.

The SJD Chorister Program
Age 3 – Grade 12 (Rehearses Wednesday afternoons)

The SJD Chorale
Adults (Rehearses Thursday evenings, 7:00 - 9:00 pm)

The SJD Choir
An intergenerational choir combining the talents of our Junior and Senior Choristers and members of the SJD Chorale.

The SJD Worship Band
The band leads worship at the 9:15 am Awesome Worship service and 11:15 am Table service.

Steve NewbarrySteven Newberry
Director of Music & Worship
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Anna Teagarden
Assoc. Director of Music - Children & Youth
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John Meier
John Meier
Assoc. Director of Music & Worship
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Zach Meeks
Associate Director of Music & Worship
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Sharlu Melville
Admin. Assistant to Music & Worship
Email Sharlu

Audrey Black
Admin. Assistant to SJD Chorister Program
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Bless, O Lord, us Thy servants who minister in Thy temple. Grant that what we sing with our lips we may believe in our hearts, and what we believe in our hearts we may show forth in our lives. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
— Choristers' Prayer

You are invited to participate by singing wholeheartedly in worship, by singing in one of our choirs, and by working "behind the scenes" to support our worship leaders. Email Sharlu Melville to find your place.