The History of Christianity Part I: From Resurrection to Reformation
Sundays Jan 10 – May 16, 2021 at 4:00 pm
Available through the SJD Teaching Center
Faculty: Melissa Grobmyer, Jim Loftis, and David Lasater
Text: The Story of Christianity, Volume I by Juston L. Gonzalez (available through The Bookstore)

A narrative history of Christianity, from the Early Church to the Dawn of the Protestant Reformation. From Jesus’ faithful apostles to the early reformist John Wycliffe, González skillfully traces core theological issues and developments within the various traditions of the church, including major events outside of Europe, such as the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the New World. With lively teaching and discussion, The History of Christianity class promises to provide a fascinating and panoramic history of the dramatic events, colorful characters, and revolutionary ideas that shaped the first fifteen centuries of the church.

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