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The Core is a course of study to help the Christian develop a strong foundation for life long Christian learning. The primary learning objective of The Core is to provide a breath of Christian knowledge, understanding, and wisdom through a study series of 6 key areas Christian thought and application.

  • Old Covenant and Ancient Israel
  • New Covenant and the Early Christian Church
  • Christian History and Theology
  • Christian Formation and Spiritual Practice
  • Contemporary Christian Ethics and Apologetics
  • Leadership Foundations

These six courses will be deeper than a simple introductory level. We'll dig deep and then provide resources for those who'd like to explore more on their own. The learning community element enables groups to process together and learn from one another.

Leadership Foundations
Sunday mornings 10:00 am - 11:00 am
February 3 - March 24, 2019
Faculty: Andy Breckwoldt, Tony Mayer, and Chris Hairel
Meets in Room 201

Develop your leadership capabilities based on a Biblical perspective on servant leadership with Jesus as the model. In this class you will explore seven key aspects of leadership that Jesus modeled, and use them as a catalyst to better lead yourself and lead others.

Week 1: Relationship and Dependence on God
Week 2: Calling and Vocation
Week 3: Establishing Connection with Others
Week 4: Service to Others
Week 5: Casting the Vision to Others
Week 6: Raising up Others
Week 7: Living it Out
Wekk 8: Action Steps