Adult Sunday School
10:00 am in the Hall Life Center
Faculty: Various Lay Teachers
Adult Sunday School meets in the Hall Life Center with approximately 20 minutes of lay teaching followed by small group breakout discussion. Our fall 2019 study continues the study of The Gospel of Matthew. In the early second century Church, the most frequently quoted Gospel was Matthew. Perhaps it was because Matthew was placed first in almost every early list of scriptures of the New Testament because it was thought to have been the first Gospel written, even though few scholars take that position today. Or perhaps it was because the early Christians were quite conscious of their Jewish faith roots and Matthew’s Gospel more than the other three provided a perspective on this issue, helping to bridge between the New and Old Testaments.

In early church history the Church fathers refer to Matthew when quoting Scripture. When comparing Paul’s letters with the Gospels, it seems that he had access to Matthew’s Gospel. In second-century Christian writings, Matthew is quoted more frequently than Mark, Luke, and Paul. Matthew seems to have had a place of importance above all the New Testament writings.