Sunday morning adult education begins at 10:00 am
Summer schedule: May 26 - September 8
No Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School
10:00 am in the Hall Life Center September 15 - November 24
Faculty: Various Lay Teachers
Adult Sunday School meets in the Hall Life Center with approximately 20 minutes of lay teaching followed by small group breakout discussion. Our fall 2019 study continues the study of The Gospel of Matthew. In the early second century Church, the most frequently quoted Gospel was Matthew. Perhaps it was because Matthew was placed first in almost every early list of scriptures of the New Testament because it was thought to have been the first Gospel written, even though few scholars take that position today. Or perhaps it was because the early Christians were quite conscious of their Jewish faith roots and Matthew’s Gospel more than the other three provided a perspective on this issue, helping to bridge between the New and Old Testaments.

In early church history the Church fathers refer to Matthew when quoting Scripture. When comparing Paul’s letters with the Gospels, it seems that he had access to Matthew’s Gospel. In second-century Christian writings, Matthew is quoted more frequently than Mark, Luke, and Paul. Matthew seems to have had a place of importance above all the New Testament writings.

Jesus and the Bible
10:00 am May 5 - May 19 in Room 210
11:00 am May 26 - June 9 in Room 210

Faculty: Dr. Ida Glaser
If you love Jesus but are new to the Bible, orhave been reading the Bible for years, but would like a fresh look at it, this course is for you. We will introduce you to the Bible – what is in it, how it came into being, and how you can begin to study it for yourself. Taught by Oxford University biblical scholar Dr. Ida Glaser.

Egypt and the Bible
10:00 am May 5 - May 26 in Room 208
Faculty: The Rev. Charlie Holt
Come explore a variety of learnings from the recent pilgrimage to Egypt! The Rev. Charlie Holt recently took 30 St. John the Divine parishioners on a 15-day pilgrimage to Egypt with egyptologist David Rohl and archeologist Scott Stripling. Join us as we explore insights and photographs from their time in Egypt.