Apr 20 - May 04, 2021, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
This FREE course helps caregivers and family members understand dementia and its effects on behavior. It also helps caregivers develop strategies for caregiving and decision making.

Savvy Express is a compressed version of the original Savvy Caregiver program and geared towards family caregivers facing time constraints. It is a free, virtual 3-week, 2-hour class meeting via zoom.

Savvy Caregiver Programs are for family members who have a loved one affected by dementia. These programs address all types of caregiving, including supportive and remote caregiving.

Although concentrated, you will receive thorough information and directed independent study. There will be opportunities for interactive strategizing for improved understanding, expectations, and facilitation of dementia situations.

You will learn about the stages of dementia and determine what stage your loved one is in as well as acquire the skills to manage behaviors and daily living activities. We will also address the specific challenges you are facing with their dementia.