The Core: The Life and Ministry of Jesus

Sundays: 10:15 – 11 am, September 12 – November 14, Room 203
Faculty: The Rev. Charlie Holt

More than any other, Jesus of Nazareth changed the world. Of that historic fact, there can be little doubt. This study of the life and ministry of Jesus will examine the timeline of his life, the breadth of his teachings, and the significance of his deeds. What was Jesus’ sense of calling and purpose, and how did he go about fulfilling his mission? The picture presented in the pages of the Bible is complex and multifaceted. His life was cut short by a criminal sentence of crucifixion. But why? How could a wise teacher of the parables of God and worker of mighty deeds engender such rage and violence on the part of the rulers and authorities? How did a seemingly tragic figure inspire the world-changing movement of Christianity? Like everyone that met him during his earthly ministry, we will be seeking to answer the pressing question “who is this man?”

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