Week of May 3 – week of June 7

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The first letter of the Apostle Peter is a great source of hope. In it Peter
shares with us what hope is and what we should place our hope in.

Peter knows what it’s like to have his hope (in the wrong things) fail
him—he thought too highly of himself, relied too much on his courage and
tenacity, and then, in the heat of trial, let himself down. He turned his back
on his beloved Savior and friend. His failure almost made him lose hope.

Peter’s first letter offers us a living hope—a hope you and I have
searched for our whole lives. A hope that offers us security and
certainty. A hope that says, “It will get better.” A hope that does not
fail, does not quit, does not falter, and does not forget! A hope that can
withstand every trial, including the one you’re going through now. You
see, when all of life fails us, and even life itself is threatened, we need a
source of hope that is even greater than life itself to help us endure.