For nearly 80 years, St. John the Divine has been a leader in supporting outreach ministries in Houston and throughout the world. We are driven by the recognition that Jesus calls us to use the blessings we’ve received for others’ sake.

That’s why St. John the Divine focuses on giving beyond ourselves by giving over a million dollars a year to benefit those in need beyond our doors. Ten percent of every dollar we receive goes to local organizations, and an additional 3% goes to international partners. We also give to several charitable accounts through the Special Outreach Fund, and support the elderly in need through The Guild Shop. Being generous and cheerful givers of our time, talent, and treasure and utilizing gifts in service to others for local mission is a core value of St. John the Divine. We want to live beyond ourselves and give beyond ourselves.

One of the ways we live beyond ourselves is by giving financial support to organizations that spread the love of Jesus Christ by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our neighbors, doing God’s work in our city and beyond. The impact of our congregation has been profound. Every one of our partner organizations was created by churches or people from churches. Giving to the church creates giving people who create innovative programs that allow us to build the Kingdom of God.