Hope after Harvey Go Grants

$1,000 grants from the Go Ministry to SJD Life groups and ministries

  1. Help a person or group heal from Harvey...especially if you can do something “with” rather than “for.”
  2. Spend it all
  3. Tell us the story

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the “Harvey Go Grant” program?
    The Harvey Go Grant program is designed  to equip SJD Life Groups and ministries with $1,000 of seed money to use for Harvey recovery as they feel God leading. These grants will be made available to SJD Life Groups with the understanding that they will be used within a few simple parameters to help lead our city towards healing and recovery.

  2. Why are we doing this?
    There are two key reasons. First, these grants will help us to heal our city from the effects of Harvey. Once the relief phase of our response to Harvey was past, SJD shifted its goal to finding ways to make our communities stronger. Much of the work we did beyond SJD was driven by members who had connections in the community with first-hand knowledge of where needs were. This program will leverage that front-line knowledge by empowering SJD groups to meet needs in scores of diverse ways at a very local level. We trust our people to discover the many ways that God might be calling us to help.

    Second, a key part of our vision is empowering more of our people to be mobilized to serve in our community. We hope that by providing this seed money, our small groups will be motivated to find ways to get personally involved together in helping heal our city. More people will mobilize AND it our Life Groups will be encouraged to see and understand that serving together can be a powerful part of our life together.

  3. How does it work?
    We have allocated funds from our remaining Harvey Relief Fund in the form of grants. Life Groups and other ministries will be encouraged to sign up for the “Harvey Go Grant.” Each group will be allocated a $1000 grant to use as they feel called. We will ask them to report back on what how they have spent the funds and to tell the story for all to celebrate. Any unused funds can be returned to the Harvey Relief Fund at the completion of their program or used to fund additional Harvey Relief efforts.

  4. What sorts of things can we do with the money?
    The grant can be used for anything that takes your Life Group to help a person with Hurricane Harvey related expenses, or an organization that provides relief for Harvey related issues. The point of the program is to enable groups to get creative within those simple parameters – so long as the funds are used for Harvey relief and/or to help those individuals affected by Harvey to recover from its devastating effects.

  5. What if I don’t know any of those?
    We are providing a list of potential partner organizations your Life Group could choose to be involved with.

  6. What if we don’t spend it all?
    $1000 goes very fast but any remaining funds can be returned to the Harvey Relief Fund. It is much more likely that you will wish you had much more money than less.

  7. How do we tell our story?
    Go to the Share Your Story form and report! Please be sure to include in your story how the funds are being spent to provide relief from Harvey or to provide hope and assistance towards Harvey recovery.

  8. How do I get to take part in the fun?
    The easiest way is to join a Life Group and then help your whole team get involved. If you are not in a Life Group, your small group or ministry can sign up to be part of the program as well. Either way, simply contact the Go Team by emailing Matt Marino at Mmarino@sjd.org or Amanda Jeans at AJeans@sjd.org.