Make your 2021 commitment here

Each fall our church focuses on generosity. During this time, we highlight how our ministries and parishioners love the Lord and their neighbors as themselves, and ask you to prayerfully consider making a commitment to St. John the Divine for the following year.

We have selected LOVE The Lord & Your Neighbor from Matthew 22:37-39 as our fall generosity theme. We will focus on it during our Sunday sermons and in communications materials, hoping you will recognize the many ways in which you love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind, as well as your neighbor as yourself. We have prepared 20 meditations and reflections from the Psalms to do in community, with your family, or by yourself from October 19 through November 13. You can view and download them here.

  • Oct. 19: “LOVE The Lord & Your Neighbor: Psalms, Reflections & Prayers” daily readings begin. See the Psalms devotional here.
  • Oct. 28: Virtual Fall Celebration - a church-wide virtual event celebrating the many ministries your generosity supports. The program will be fun, informative, interspersed with music and a few guest appearances! Create a table of 8-10, either virtually or in your home, to connect together after the event. If you have a conflict on the 28th, feel free to watch and connect together at another agreed upon time before November 8. Register here.
  • Nov. 8: COMMITMENT SUNDAY We will celebrate with one outdoor service at 9:00 am and a drive-through commitment envelope drop-off and carillon concert in the Julia Garden from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.
  • Nov. 9 – Dec. 24: “Love your neighbor as Yourself” campaign.

Everything we do at St. John the Divine is made possible by your generosity and we are counting on your timely response and 100% return of commitment envelopes to accomplish the joyous work the Lord has given us to do.

Make your 2021 commitment here

While we hope that most of you will make a pledge, we are aware that some may prefer estimate their 2020 gifts, others may ask for a follow-up contact in February, and others may offer to support St. John the Divine through ministry and prayer. Letting us know your commitment by returning your envelope gives us the opportunity to plan for 2020 with a good grasp on the resources that will be available to continue doing Jesus Christ’s work in our parish, Houston community, and the world.

We recognize that the coronavirus and subsequent economic changes have affected everyone differently. so whether you are able to give as the widow did her two mites, or as Joseph of Arimathea out of his wealth, we are blessed that every penny counts - from the widow's mite to Joseph of Arimathea's gift of wealth - when given in recognition of all that God has given us. Thank you for loving the Lord and your neighbor through your faithfulness to St. John the Divine.