On this quiet day of contemplation and waiting for the Resurrection, enjoy this re-broadcast of the SJD Chorale, soloists, and ROCO Musicians offering of Parts 2 & 3 of Handel's Messiah. Visit sjd.org/live or Facebook Live.

About the St. John’s Chorale

A semi-professional choir, the St. John’s Chorale offers music from the heart of the rich Anglican choral tradition each Sunday at St. John the Divine’s 9:00 & 11:00 am services. Led by Steven A. Newberry, this group is composed of dedicated professional singers and volunteers alike whose purpose is to Change Lives for God in Christ through their offering of music.

About ROCO Musicians

Our orchestra for this performance is comprised of musicians who perform as part of ROCO, a 40-piece professional chamber orchestra that was founded in 2005 by Alecia Lawyer. A Juilliard-trained musician with an eclectic background as a performer, recording artist, adjunct professor and radio host, Lawyer had a vision to re-imagine the orchestral experience for both audience and musicians. The result is ROCO: an orchestra of all-star musicians, distinguished conductors and contemporary composers who come together from all over the world to present unexpected classics, original compositions and delightful performances that dissolve the barriers between audience and orchestra.

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