The Core is a course of study to help the Christian develop a strong foundation for life long Christian learning. The primary learning objective of The Core is to provide a breath of Christian knowledge, understanding, and wisdom through a study series of 6 key areas Christian thought and application.

  • Old Covenant and Ancient Israel
  • New Covenant and the Early Christian Church
  • Christian History and Theology
  • Christian Formation and Spiritual Practice
  • Contemporary Christian Ethics and Apologetics
  • Leadership Foundations

These (6) Eight Week courses will be deeper than a simple introductory level. We'll dig deep and then provide resources for those who'd like to explore more on their own. Classes will have a learning community element enabling groups to process together and learn from each other.

Course participants will have assigned reading from no more than two books and be offered recommended reading lists or online link recommendations for further study.

Fall 2019 Classes

The Core: Church History & Theology
Sundays 10:00 am in Room 203, Sept 15 — Nov 24
Faculty: Jim Loftis, Melissa Grobmyer, David Lasater, Kim Bareswill
This course is desined to expose the participants to the broad movement of God in the church through history. Contact Missy Reed,

The Core: Old Covenant & Ancient Israel
Wednesdays 6:00 pm Sept 18 — Nov 13 in Room 203
Faculty: The Rev. Charlie Holt
This class will help a maturing follower of Jesus know the story, theology, and practice of ancient Israel by studying the dynamic content and cunction of the Old Covenant Scriptures. Register for this class here.

The Core: Leadership Foundations
Wednesdays 6:00 pm Sept 18 — Nov 13 in Room 210
Faculty: Andy Breckwoldt, Chris Hairel, and Tony Mayer
Using a mix of lectures, small group work, and homework, you will address the challenges you face today in your leadership role. Register for this class here.

Long-term: Courses will be filmed and recorded for online viewing/listening. Future iterations in 2019 will be produced specifically for smaller class sizes, online e-learning. In addition, we will host guest lecturers and pilgrimage opportunities over the 18 months to further enrich the learning experience. The goal will be to create a faculty of lay and ordained teachers so that the courses can be a continual offering to St. John the Divine members and beyond and maintain a smaller class size for maximum interaction and engagement.

For more information, please contact the Rev. Charlie Holt,