Revelation 6 - 8:6

Revelation 6 begins the judgment of God. From the time of Genesis, scripture supports the reality of God judging his people. At times it is hard for us to come to terms with this aspect of God’s character. As we go through these judgments, keep in mind that a world without consequences for sinful behavior is world out of control.

There are 7 waves of judgments in Revelation: seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls. Chapter 6 and chapter 8:1-6 are the seal judgments. There are 7 seal judgments with the seventh opening the gateway for the seven trumpet judgments. From chapter 5, we saw that the Lamb Jesus was the only one worthy to open the seals. The opening of the sealed scroll marks the beginning of Jesus taking the throne, taking hold of the kingdom, and setting up his kingdom on this earth.