St. John the Divine values the safety of all our members and guests. It is our goal to create the safest possible environment for our kids on Sunday mornings - our check in system is one way we are working to do just that. Join the Captain Check In Safety Squad and help make The Park a safe environment for all our kids!

Green CheckLocate a check in kiosk. On the wall in the Park, at the front desk, or at the nursery.
Green CheckChoose whether to use your last name or the last four digits of your phone number. Type in your information.
Green CheckSelect the class that each child is checking into.
Green CheckClick the 'Print Badges and Finish' button. Put a name badge on your child.
Green CheckWalk your child to his or her class. Put the second name badge on the attendance sheet.

Green CheckWhen picking up your child, please present your security badge to claim them. If you lose your badge, please see a staff member in The Park or at the manned Welcome desk on the first floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Who can check in my child?

Green CheckA parent, guardian, or sibling (must be older than 13). 

Who can pick up my child?

Green CheckA parent, guardian, or sibling with the security badge. If you lose your security badge, please see the staff member in The Park or at the manned Welcome desk on the first floor.

What time do I check my child in?

Green CheckYou can check your child in whenever you arrive at church. We encourage parents to arrive early, so they will have time to walk their child to the classroom without missing Adult Education or worship service. If you are visiting for the first time, we encourage you to pre-register your child by submitting the registration form below. We will put your child on the roster and he will be entered into the check in system!

My child is bringing a friend to church. How do I check him in?

Green CheckWe're so happy to have your friend as a visitor to our church! Please stop by the Welcome desk on the first floor or visit with a staff person in The Park so we can get some information about them and check them into class with your child.

For more information, please contact Deanna Lawson,