Top Five Ways to Connect to Your Faith This Summer

by Dan Gannon, director of family ministries and Deanna Lawson, director of children's ministries

Like many of you, we are completely ready for a change of pace and for slowing down a little with a summer schedule. We love the freedom that is released when the school year ends! Even with summer's relaxed feel, there are some great ways to stay connected to your faith all summer long.

  1. Say Prayers
    Say prayers anywhere and everywhere — at meals, on the beach, at night, before a trip. Give thanks and ask everyone where they saw God that day. Take your prayer life with you — in town or on the road.
  2. Make Time for God
    Even if you can't go to church, make time for a family devotional or worship time. What you make time for reflects what your family values.
  3. Read the Bible
    If your child is reading, give them an age-appropriate Bible. If they are not reading, read to them from a young children's Bible every day. Here is a list of age-appropriate Bibles to choose from.
  4. Serve Somewhere
    Help with something outside your family. Find ways to serve your neighborhood, community, or church. By serving others, you put your family's faith in action, and summer is a great time to get busy. Here is a list of ways you can serve and show God's love in your city.
  5. Gather with Your Church Family
    Bring your family to Summer Sunday Nights, come to BIngo Night, or sign up for Vacation Bible School.
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