St. John the Divine parishioners Sally and Stephen Loftin recently shared with us how living lives of service to others has enriched their lives.

Through our participation in St. John the Divine’s GO outreach ministry, Stephen and I humbly attempt to be the hands and feet of Christ and in return, our lives are continually being enriched.

Through SJD we have been blessed with the opportunities of participating in food drives for ECHOS, helping AGAPE clean up apartments to be used for "crisis" housing in the Third Ward, and simply sharing a meal and fellowship with the formerly homeless through SEARCH.

Stephen and I also have been blessed to serve the community beyond SJD. Stephen is directly involved with Angela House, a home that successfully transitions women into society after incarceration. I have had three volunteer jobs over the last few years that have opened my eyes and my heart more than I ever expected, each having huge challenges but even greater rewards. I was a Girl Scout leader at Yellowstone Academy for six years, I delivered hot meals to seniors with Meals on Wheels for four years until COVID-19, and recently I became a volunteer for Life House Houston, a maternity home for unwed, pregnant women. I am their "chauffeur." I take them to appointments, to run errands, to job interviews, etc. It has been an opportunity for them to share their lives with me, and for me to share the love of Christ with them, all while driving around in the van!

As it says in Luke: “To whom much is given much is required.” Stephen and I are enormously blessed and are further blessed by and in our opportunities to help others. My prayer is that I am able to pass on to these women what it looks like to have a long-lasting, stable marriage with the same man who loves and respects me, and to impart some wisdom on how to be a good mother to the babies they are about to bring into this world.

What does it take to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Thankfully, Jesus provided the perfect example and set of instructions for us to follow.

For more information on volunteer opportunities through the GO ministry of St. John the Divine, contact Tany James.

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